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Taking the air out of nebulized lidocaine

April 2021 - This recent article in CHEST magazine reports an extensive patient study in which 1.050 patients received a topical oropharyngeal sedation in preparation for a scopy.
Dispensing the lidocaine through nebulizing (with a jet nebulizer) was compared to spraying (with a pump spray) in this large study. 
In general, it was concluded that patients reacted better to the lidocaine applied as a spray than did the patients who received the anesthetic via nebulizing.

Currently, we are running use appraisals with the Trachospray in multiple hospitals. As the Trachospray basically is a microdroplet sprayer, tailored to reach the relevant structures in the patients throat, we are looking forward to presenting you interesting results soon!

Click here to read the CHEST article on spraying versus nebulizing. More publications on this page.

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