• Trachospray
  • Nasal Atomiser Adapter


Publication of comparative study 
Trachospray compared to two other devices / methods of topical anaesthesia.
Comparative in-vitro Study of the Trachospray, a New Device for Topical Anaesthesia of the Upper Airway
Published by Medical devices: Evidence and Research 

Report of the clinical investigation
Design and results with the application of Trachospray on 20 volunteers.
Clinical evaluation of the Trachospray device for upper airway anaesthesia,
Published by Anaesthesia, Association of Anaesthetists (2021-01-05).

A comparison between Spray pump / Trachospray / Jet nebulizer
A lab study with AIT and NGI equipment.
A comparative in-vitro study of the Trachospray device for topical anesthesia of the airway
, World Airway Management Meeting (2019-11-16).

A Randomized Trial of Nebulized Lignocaine, Lignocaine Spray, or Their Combination for Topical Anesthesia During Diagnostic Flexible Bronchoscopy.
Large study in which 1.050 patients were topically sedated using three different methods. 
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