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  • Nasal Atomiser Adapter

Intended Purpose NAA

The Nasal Atomiser Adapter is a single-use, non-active, soft mist spray device, intended for the admin-istration of anaesthetic and sedative medicinal products into the nasal cavity. The device is intended to be used with anaesthetic or sedative medicinal products approved for intranasal delivery, in combination with a 1 mL luer lock syringe.

The Nasal Atomiser Adapter:
• Delivers a controlled spray of micro-sized liquid droplets of (medicinal) solution into the nasal cavity.
• Is supplied as an empty device, the medical professional chooses the approved formulation and dos-age for treatment.
• Is indicated to be used on patients that are deemed suitable for treatment by medical professionals only.
• Is intended to be used in combination with a 1 mL Luer-lock disposable syringe.

The Nasal Atomiser Adapter has the following characteristic elements:
• A tip, shaped to fit the nose, to be inserted into a single nostril during actuation.
• A female Luer-lock connection to connect the Nasal Atomiser Adapter to a 1mL (male) Luer-lock sy-ringe.
• An integrated spray nozzle unit (SNU), generating the controlled spray for delivery into the patient’s nasal cavity