• Trachospray
  • Nasal Atomiser Adapter

Departure Marc van Barneveld

June 2022 - Marc, managing director of Medspray Anesthesia, has decided to continue his work on other product developments in the field of medical devices.
Marc was committed to the organisation as a co-founder and designer of the Trachospray since 2018. He will step back in June 2022. The company has already begun to hand over the responsibilities at hand to a new team.

Over the past three years, Medspray Anesthesia has developed, clinically tested and provisioned the scaled-up manufacturing of the Trachospray device, a smart microdroplet sprayer to be used for anesthesia of the patient's upper airways.

After the first year of product sales to Dutch and British hospitals, it is evident that Trachospray is recognised as the leading solution for standardised and non-intimidating patient upper airway anesthesia.

Medspray Anesthesia continues its mission to market the device, together with our Key Opinion Leader network in the EU. Introduction to the US market is under preparation, and new local anesthesia products are in the pipeline.