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100 Trachosprays for Radboud umc

December 2020 - This week, Medspray Anesthesia handed over 100 CE marked medical devices to anesthesiologists of Radboud University Medical Centre in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
Marc van Barneveld, product developer and co-founder of Medspray Anesthesia was happy to transfer the products personally: “This moment celebrates a successful co-operation between medical specialists and product development specialists on a new product that is highly beneficial for patients and medical professionals.”
Radboud umc specialists will use the Trachosprays in their daily practice: “This product can become a frequently used tool for anesthesiologists, pulmonologists and gastro-enterologists and ENT doctors.” says one of the enthousiastic anesthesiologists.

Co-operation from idea to CE product

To prepare a patient for a fiberoptic scopy or an intubation in trachea or lungs is normally done by spraying an anesthetic into the patients’ mouth and throat. Obtaining complete anesthesia of the airway is not simple and requires experience and skills. Inhalation of local anesthetics with an optimized droplet size that covers exactly the right areas could be a solution. This was the initial idea by two specialists at Radboud umc. They contacted Medspray in Enschede, who specialize in high-tech spray nozzle units for pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical applications. 

The co-operation was formalized when initial lab tests with prototypes at Medspray showed promising results. A formal partnership was set up in 2018 in which Medspray Anesthesia was founded by Marc van Barneveld to develop the product and organize its CE registration. Radboud umc ran the clinical trials that served as final validation of the products’ safety and efficacy. 

As from this month, Medspray Anesthesia assembles the devices in the Netherlands in a clean room manufacturing line. The medical devices have a CE registration and are available for medical professionals. More information about the product can be found at: www.trachospray.com. Products can also be ordered via the website.


The Trachospray innovation in short

The droplet size of inhaled local anesthetics determines where the droplets will land. A large droplet size (e.g. pump spray) deposits only in the mouth, a too small droplet size (e.g. jet nebulizer) deposits mainly in the lung. A droplet size of 10 – 20 um is optimal for deposition at the epiglottis and vocal chords.

The Trachospray creates an aerosol with precisely defined droplet sizes by means of a unique Spray Nozzle Unit (SNU), developed by Medspray, Enschede, The Netherlands

The Trachospray is a disposable device to be used with a disposable syringe filled with local anesthetics, e.g. lidocaïne. It features a comfortable mouthpiece to inhale the local anesthetic, standardizing the mode of administration to the patient.