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Nasal Atomiser Adapter

The Nasal Atomiser Adapter delivers a very precise droplet size. The low plume velocity allows the droplets to deposit evenly in the nasal cavity.

It reaches places in the nasal cavity that are not targeted by competitor products, such as the posterior region of the nasal cavity, olfactory region, first section of the nasopharynx. 
Intended use is nasal administration of anaesthetic and sedative medicinal products into the nasal cavity.

The patented micro-nozzle creates tiny droplets of defined size, independent from formulation characteristics like viscosity or surface tension.

The micron-sized droplets that are generated have a low plume velocity with minimal impact in the nasal cavity, which is more comfortable for the patient. This facilitates convenient administration to all patien groups including pediatrics.

The nasal atomiser adapter is safe: it is a single-use medical device, reducing the risk of cross contamination. The device generates a soft mist of uniform droplets leading to maximal deposition in the nasal mucosal layers and no lung deposition.