• Trachospray
  • Nasal Atomiser Adapter

Applications after one full year

February 2022 - We just completed the start year of the Trachospray in clinical practice in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom.
From our feedback forms, we can tell that Trachospray has been used in preparing patients for: 

-Gastroscopic interventions, diagnostic and for taking biopsies;
-Bronchoscopic interventions, mostly in combination with some sedation;
-Interventions with a (video) laryngoscope for taking biopsies in the pharynx;
-Trans Esophagal Echoscopies for cardiology.

For this year 2022, three more clinical studies will be held:

-Trachospray in combination with videolaryngoscope;
-Trachospray comparative study;
-Trachospray use appraisal for Gastro Intestinal interventions.

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